Movementas per species
Notes**this one is for classic fantasy** Breath Weapon, Cold Blooded, Infravision, Diving Strike, Engulfing, Flying, Formidable Natural Weapons, Immunity (to their breath weapon), Terrifying, Trample. Note that Engulfing and Terrifying or not possessed by Hatchlings and Very Young dragons


STR 2d6+24
CON 2d6+24
SIZ 4d6+36
DEX 2d6+12
INT 2d6+12
POW 2d6+12
CHA 2d6+12

Hit locations

Range startRange endNameArmorHP Modifier
1 2 Tail 8 0
3 4 Right leg 8 0
5 6 Left leg 8 0
7 8 Hindquarters 8 1
9 10 Right Wing 8 -1
11 12 Left Wing 8 -1
13 14 Forequarters 8 2
15 16 Right Front Leg 8 0
17 18 Left Front Leg 8 0
19 20 Head 8 0


ancient Silver dragomJInkyz
Black Dragon, Young Adult (51-100)Steve3742
Blue Dragon, Young Adult (51-100)Steve3742
Canyon Krayt DragonLeonTrig
City dragonTessa884
Dragon Larandior
Dragon (of Melnibone)boudreaupaul99
Dragon of Tyrnicklausrhodes
Dragon Template 10374Peckil
Dragon Template 10462Peckil
Dragon Template 6125inwils
Dragon Template 7329Hariku
Dragon testtorvak
Forrest dragonTessa884
Fraygudayr (White Dragon)JInkyz
Green Dragon, Young Adult (51-100)Steve3742
House dragonTessa884
House Drakeskarza
Istraxareles, the joker (Erewhon)Gryphaea
kirgax the Doomwatcher, Mature Adult Black Dragonskarza
Mountain dragonTessa884
Ozyrrandion, Juvenile Green Dragonraleel
Ozyrrandion, Young Green Dragonraleel
Pseudo-Dragon (classic fantasy)skarza
Red Dragon, Young Adult (51-100)Steve3742
Red Dragon, Young Adult (Rank 10)Ludume
Regiarix, Juvenile Black Dragonraleel
Regiarix, Young Adult Black Dragonraleel
Riding dragonTessa884
Tiamat, Queen of Chromatic DragonsSteve3742
Very Young Copper DragonLedad
Water dragonTessa884
White Dragon, Great Wyrm (Over 1,200 years)Steve3742
White Dragon, Young Adult (51-100)Steve3742
Yellow Bile WyrmNikolokolus