Mythras Encounter Generator is a tool for generating random NPC's and monsters for Mythras / RuneQuest 6.

One of the fundamental principles of the tool is, that the creation of the content - the NPC/monster specifications and templates - is created by the community. Anybody can create a new template, that other users can later use to generate NPC's/monsters.


The namelists have been taken from the following places:

Other source material


This tool would be just a bag of bones with no flesh without two dedicated members of the Mythras/RQ6 community. Special thanks goes to hkokko and Pruneau.

"Mythras" is a Registered Trademark of The Design Mechanism Inc, and is used with permission.

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Mythras Encounter Generator has been developed on Python + Django. Additional modules used include:

The source repository is in GitHub.

If you have an idea for a new feature or encounter a bug, send me an email at [email protected]