Red Dragon, Young Adult (Rank 10)

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Namelist None
Classic fantasy imperative
Rank Master
Race Dragon
Cult rank None
Notes 75% chance of having the ability to speak. 41% chance of knowing the Telepathy spell. Abilities: Breath Weapon: The creature breathes flame over an area as a Combat Action. The flame covers a cone in front of the creature, which stretches for 155 feet. At the furthest extent, the width of the cone is equal to its length. Any creature caught in the flame suffers fire-based damage to all hit locations, though a character can attempt to Evade to halve this damage. Armor points count as normal unless otherwise noted. A creature can only breathe flame once in a specified time period (usually once per hour or once per day). Further attempts to breathe flame within this time require the creature to pass Endurance rolls with each roll becoming one grade harder or suffer a level of Fatigue. Immunity (Fire): This creature is completely immune to damage caused by fire. Magic Resistance (30% chance): The Red Dragon has a 30% chance of simply not being affected by magic spells cast upon them. This is innate. It can drop this ability at will to accept the effects of beneficial magic. Only actual magical effects are subject to this resistance, not natural effects that come about as a result of this spell. Magic Resistance is over and above any allowed Willpower roll to further resist a magical spell. Trample: The creature is able to trample beings with a SIZ of half or less than its own, using its Athletic Skill to attack. See the trample attack for damage. How, and when trample is used depends on the circumstances. If immobile, the creature may trample a prone opponent on its turn, but this costs an Action Point. If the trample is performed while the creature is moving or charging over an opponent, then the trample is a Free Action. Based on Classic Fantasy Imperative Red Dragon (Young Adult) on pg 144. Stats used were based on the Classic Fantasy Red Dragon (Young Adult) on pg 205. Magic Resistance text was pulled from Classic Fantasy pg 188.
STR 31
CON 31
SIZ 50
DEX 19
INT 19
POW 19
CHA 19
D20Hit locationArmor
01-02 Tail 8
03-04 Right leg 8
05-06 Left leg 8
07-08 Hindquarters 8
09-10 Right Wing 8
11-12 Left Wing 8
13-14 Forequarters 8
15-16 Right Front Leg 8
17-18 Left Front Leg 8
19-20 Head 8
Movement 15', 50' fly
Natural armor Yes

Standard skills

Athletics STR+DEX+27 Brawn STR+SIZ+39 Deceit INT+CHA+57
Endurance CON+CON+30 Evade DEX+DEX+14 Influence CHA+CHA+40
Insight INT+POW+57 Locale INT+INT+54 Perception INT+POW+60
Willpower POW+POW+40

Custom skills

Alignment Evil: INT+POW+57 Quick to anger, suspicious, and hate silver dragons INT+POW+50 Arcane Knowledge INT+INT+54
Fly STR+DEX+37 Language (Chromatic Dragon) INT+CHA+57 Lore (Dragon) INT+INT+54
Teach INT+CHA+57

Combat styles

Draconic Death and Destruction (Bite, Claws, Tail Sweep, Wing Buffet)STR+DEX+37

Weapon options

1-handed weapons

Amount: 4
Bite (1)
Claw (1)
Tail Slap (1)
Trample (1)

2-handed weapons

Amount: 0

Ranged weapons

Amount: 1
Cone of Fire (1)


Amount: 0

Custom weapons

Name Type Damage Size Reach Range SpecialFX Dam.
Bite 1h-melee 1d12 C L - None Y Y 0 0 Head
Claw 1h-melee 1d10 C L - None Y Y 0 0 Leg
Tail Slap 1h-melee 1d10 C VL - None Y Y 0 0 Tail
Trample 1h-melee 4d8 C T - None N Y 0 0
Cone of Fire ranged 3d6+1d6 - - 155' 100% N Y 0 0