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Rank Master
Race Spirit
Cult rank Leader
Notes A Briarlord is a powerful spirit that embodies the primal wild. There is a Briarlord in charge of every significant piece of wasteland; they are fiercely territorial. The wild beasts and plants within their territory are possessively guarded by the Briarlords. Most use their Subjugate Spirit Ability to dominate other spirits that enter their territory. Briarlords can manipulate Taint in a way that is not truly understood. They are able to generate chimeric animals (see page 126) as well as giant forms of normal animals, and culture animated plants (such as those described in this section) in the depths of their domain. Briarlords never appear as even remotely human. If manifested or viewed in spirit form they usually appear as a random mixture of vegetation and animal parts. One might appear as a mound of tangled brambles, ferns, and stag leg bones, with the snapping jaws of a wolf. Another might look mostly like a bear but with flowers for eyes, a row of antelope horns along its back, and covered in pine needles rather than fur. The example Briarlord below is Intensity 5. Its Thicket covers the central 36 square kilometres of a vast waste. The Demesne power allows it to create possessed plants (see page 129), but attacking these plants does not harm the Briarlord itself unless it is manifested into plant form. The example Briarlord below is Intensity 5. Its Thicket covers the central 36 square kilometres of a vast waste. Source: Perceforest 124
INT 3d6
POW 30+1d6
CHA 3d6
D20Hit locationArmor
Movement 6
Natural armor Yes

Non-random features

Spirit Ability Demesne - A potent ability, the spirit gains dominion over aspects of its environment within a range of one hundred times its POW in metres. Normally the limits of its influence are specified in the spirit’s description. For example, a plant spirit could control the growth, flowering and fruiting of vegetation within its area of effect, whilst a truth spirit might prevent falsehoods being uttered. If the demesne of the spirit is challenged by a character, they may attempt to over- come its power by winning an opposed roll of relevant skills.
Spirit Ability Animate Specific Substance - The spirit can embody itself into non-living matter, allowing it to shape or move the substance as if an actual body.. If the material is flesh of a dead creature, it instead provides the powers of an Undeath spirit granting bonuses to physical Characteristics (page 153).
Spirit Ability Domination - Grants the shaman the ability to command all living animals of the cult’s totem within the fetch’s POW in metres.
Spirit Ability Eternal - The spirit has Recurring trait (page 138), which enables it to return after being dissipated.
Spirit Ability Manifestation - Spirit may move between the mundane and Spirit World at will. It takes one Action to shift from one to the other. Whilst in the Spirit World the spirit is immune from all attacks (magical or physical) from corporal opponents.
Spirit Ability Subjugate - Allows the spirit the ability to bind one or more other spirits of lesser Intensity, holding them as vassals without the necessity of a fetish. For spirits of the same tradition, this is usually a willing servitude – a mountain spirit holding several lesser earth elemental spir- its, for instance. If the spirits are not associated, the subjugation is more one of forced enslavement. Each lesser spirit held in subjugation reduces the holding spirit’s Magic Points by a value equal to its Intensity as an enduring cost. Subjugation ends if the holding spirit is ever reduced to zero Magic Points.

Standard skills

Spectral combat POW+CHA+3d6+40 Willpower POW+POW+3d6+40

Magic skills

Binding POW+CHA+3d6+40 Trance POW+CON+3d6+40


Amount: 1d4+8
Ancestor Spirit, Large - Shaman 3
Celtic Boar Spirit. Intensity 3 4
Celtic Water Spirit. Intensity 1 4
Curse Spirit 2
Death Passion Spirit 2
Death Passion Spirit - Major 1
Earth Spirit Intensity 3 3
Madness Spirit - Intensity 3 1
Medicine Plant Spirit, Huge 1
Medicine Plant Spirit, Large 2
Medicine Plant Spirit, Minor 2
Nature Spirit (Balazaring), Large 2
Nature Spirit (Balazaring), Small 3
Nature Spirit (Condor spirit) - intensity 2 1
Shape-shifting Spirit 5
Sickness Spirit - Intensity 2 (2) 1
Sickness Spirit - Intensity 3 (1+1+1) 1
Sickness Spirit - Intensity 3 (1+2) 1
Sickness Spirit - Intensity 3 (3) 1