NameSpirit-Being (Lyonesse)
NotesAutomatically succeed in any Endurance rolls and do not suffer Fatigue. Can form a body out of physical matter. In this form they can be harmed by physical means but have immunities based on the matter they are able to use These bodies are constructs; they have a single pool of Hit Points rather than separate Hit Locations. Once reduced to zero Hit Points they cannot hold the bodies together and are dissipated. This does not kill the spirit- being, but they cannot reform a physical body until they have regenerated their Hit Points (1d6 per day).


STR 2d6+4
SIZ 1d6+6
DEX 1d6+2
INT 2d6+1
POW 1d6+6

Hit locations

Range startRange endNameArmorHP Modifier
1 3 Right leg 0 0
4 6 Left leg 0 0
7 9 Abdomen 0 1
10 12 Chest 0 2
13 15 Right Arm 0 -1
16 18 Left Arm 0 -1
19 20 Head 0 0


Ancient Elder Darkling (Intensity 6)hkokko
Ancient Elder Hyslop (Intensity 6)hkokko
Ancient Elder Merrihew (Intensity 6)hkokko
Ancient Elder Quist (Intensity 6)hkokko
Ancient Elder Willawen (Intensity 6)hkokko
Darkling (Intensity 3)hkokko
Elder Darkling (Intensity 5)hkokko
Elder Hyslop (Intensity 5)hkokko
Elder Merrihew (Intensity 5)hkokko
Elder Quist (Intensity 5)hkokko
Elder Willawen (Intensity 5)hkokko
Greater Darkling (Intensity 4)hkokko
Greater Hyslop (Intensity 4)hkokko
Greater Merrihew (Intensity 4)hkokko
Greater Quist (Intensity 4)hkokko
Greater Willawen (Intensity 4)hkokko
Hyslop (Intensity 3)hkokko
Lesser Darkling (Intensity 2)hkokko
Lesser Hyslop (Intensity 2)hkokko
Lesser Merrihew (Intensity 2)hkokko
Lesser Quist (Intensity 2)hkokko
Lesser Willawen (Intensity 2)hkokko
Merrihew (Intensity 3)hkokko
Quist (Intensity 3)hkokko
Small Darkling (Intensity 1)hkokko
Small Hyslop (Intensity 1)hkokko
Small Merrihew (Intensity 1)hkokko
Small Quist (Intensity 1)hkokko
Small Willawen (Intensity 1)hkokko
Willawen (Intensity 3)hkokko