Movement4m (8m flying)
NotesSen bardi are dark, nocturnal, humanoid creatures about the size of enlo, but with leathery wings instead of arms. These wings have two free, opposable fingers, and sen bardi are surprisingly dexterous when the wings are folded. They have weak, spindly legs, but are able to hop about on the ground. Sen bardi prey upon lizards, small mammals, and large insects, and eat carrion as well. Their habit of stealing shiny objects and food has made them notorious among jungle travelers. Sen bardi are completely blind, lacking any eyes, but avoid the sunlight because it weakens their natural Darksense ability (apply a -3 handicap to Bite and Darksense while in bright light). They are semi-intelligent, and the rare tamed sen bardi can even learn simple spells. Among themselves, they do not speak a true language, but captured sen bardi are taught to obey commands in the Teshnan or Kralori tongue. Sen bardi descend from the Uz, although the absence of Uz in Verenela would seem to suggest otherwise. However, the Kralori say that all of the local Uz devolved into sen bardi as a result of their particular brand of ignorance. The Teshnans say that the sen bardi accompanied the Uz to the surface from Hell. The amazons of Trowjang claim that the sen bardi came from the south with the loper people. A few sen bardi live on the Blue Moon Plateau, which could support any of these beliefs. Tactics: A sen bardi normally swoops down from above, uses its Dexterous ability to steal something, and flies off before the target can react. Their claws can even undo buckles and knots. If presented with a more serious threat they flee, but if cornered will nip at an attacker with their sharp teeth. - Glorantha.com


STR 2d6
SIZ 1d6+9
DEX 3d6+6
INT 2d6
CHA 1d6+6

Hit locations

Range startRange endNameArmorHP Modifier
1 3 Right leg 1 0
4 6 Left leg 1 0
7 9 Abdomen 1 1
10 12 Chest 1 2
13 15 Right Wing 1 -1
16 18 Left Wing 1 -1
19 20 Head 1 0


Demon (Brute)MarkKaiya
Nightflyer (Sen Bardi) Scavengerhkokko
Nightflyer Template 10539MarkKaiya