NameHoolar - Lodril Imprimus
NotesHoolars range from 4-6 meters high. They have three faces and are very curious and good natured. They are impossibly rare and only encountered individually, often heard of only in stories from the oldest grandfathers. Abilities: Dark sight, Immunity to (Magic, most diseases,most Poisons) Formidable Natural Weapons, Life Sense, Regeneration 1d3 HP/round/location Gb pg 23 Okamoto campaign log. Hoolar should not be handled as adversaries but as once in a lifetime encounter. They have the smithing ability to make almost anything if they can be tricked or persuaded to do so. The result is always unique, might not be perfect according to dwarf but workable. They also have the ability to misunderstand the request in hilarious way.


STR 10d6+10
CON 8d6+10
SIZ 6d6+14
DEX 5d6+5
INT 2d6+3
POW 8d6
CHA 4d6+10

Hit locations

Range startRange endNameArmorHP Modifier
1 2 Right leg 10 0
3 4 Left leg 10 0
5 7 Abdomen 10 1
8 10 Chest 10 2
11 12 Lower Right Arm 10 -1
13 14 Lower Left Arm 10 -1
15 16 Upper right Arm 10 0
17 18 Upper Left Arm 10 0
19 20 Head 10 0


Hoolar - Lodril Imprimushkokko