Name TOEE Moathouse Brigands
Classic fantasy
Owner raleel
Notes Each brigand has 3-18 sp. The aide has an additional 3-12 ep and 2-8 gp. The leader has 5-20 pp, 1-2 citrines (50 gp each), and wears a gold chain worth 200 gp.
The brigands have buried a chest under the rubble where the wall collapsed. Three turns of digging can uncover the loot. The chest holds 2,000 cp, two bolts of fine cloth worth 60 gp each, a crystal flagon and four goblets (the set worth 80 gp), an inlaid wooden box with ivory handles and decorations (45 gp), and four magical arrows + 1.


Aide of Brigands 1
Man-At-Arms 7
Leader of Brigands 1