Name Seven Mothers Converting Mission
Owner Pruneau
Notes This group travels around in the Prax area, stopping at hamlets to bring the word of the Red Goddess to the unenlightened. Initially friendly and understanding, but more adamant in the face of resistance, and when confronted with hostile resistance they can get brutal quickly, courtesy of the Yanafal Tarnil guards that handle security. The priest is protected by his guard slave and an elite Dara Happan guard unit.


Lunar Hoplite Officer 1
Dara Happa Elite Guard Captain 1
Lunar Rune Priest of The Seven Mothers 1
Dara Happa Elite Guard 3
Lunar Foot Soldier (Yanafal Tarnils Initiate) d4
Lunar Hoplite d4
Lunar Initiate of Crimson Bat 1
Lunar Sevened Slave Priest Guard 1
Lune: Lunar Elemental, 4 m3 1
Lune: Lunar Elemental, 8 m3 1