Name Eternal Battle
Owner hkokko
Notes Beyond Borderlands pg 176 "The sky will turn dark and broiling clouds will tear the heavens with tremendous noise. The sun will go dark, totally obscured. Howling winds will come from all directions. 1D10+5 melee rounds after the darkening of the sky, an enormous funnel of swirling bodies and dust will crash to the ground within 1D10x10 meters of the characters. Instantly upon touching down 1D10 skeletons and 1D10 ghosts will be tossed from the funnel. The skeletons will land standing and will immediately dash for the party. Ghosts will attack characters in spirit combat. Will combat the characters for 2D6+3 rounds before they are again swept up into the funnel and carried away into the sky." Any losing spirit combat will join the Eternal Battle.


Avatar of Chaos, Chieftain of Ragnaglar 1d4-3
Scorpion Man Skeleton 1d3-1
Dream Dragon Skeleton 1d2-1
Skeleton Warrior, Run of the Mill 1d3-1
Wind Child Skeleton 1d3-1
Minotaur Skeleton 1d3-1
Haunt (Intensity 3) 1d5
Haunt (Intensity 2) 1d6-1
High Llama Skeleton 1d3-1
Dragonsnail Skeleton 1d2-1