Name Cultists of OMG
Monster island
Owner hkokko
Notes Cultists of OMG - Maestro of battle, drinker of blood A hyena headed goddess whose cult members are noted to be "dreadful, yet divinely inspired warrior-priests". She vents her rage in battle then sates her appetites with the blood of the fallen, looking beneficently over those that embrace her rages. When not fighting, however, the worshippers of Omg are sour and petulant, feeling her lugubrious lassi- tude whilst she awaits the next conflict. To become a lay member of the cult requires killing someone, or something, in open battle. Progression thereafter is restricted to those who kill suf- ficient foes, in addition to the standard rank requirements. Additionally, a worshipper of Omg must never show their back to the enemy. MI pg 158


Cultist of OMG, Acolyte 1d3-2
Cultist of OMG, Initiate 1d3-2
Cultist of OMG, lay member, Strong One 1d4-2
Cultist of OMG, lay member 1d6+2

Additional features

Fatigue State 50% View items
Foreshadowing the Encounter 50% View items
Situation/activity 50% View items