NameMarai Rakshasa
NotesMarai are deviant spellcasters first and fiendish corruptors second. If allowed to indulge in their desire for perverse mystical study, most marai are content to serve as part of another rakshasa’s cabal. A solitary marai might pose as a neophyte magician to infiltrate another spellcaster’s abode. If the marai is successful, the master soon becomes either the servant or a corpse. The possibility of new magical discoveries drives a marai. Morality and compassion never constrain the fiend’s experiments. A marai prefers to torment and exploit mortals who have no idea of the rakshasa’s true nature, and it takes great pleasure in using magical might to bring would-be heroes, especially those who invade its lair, to their knees. Such a game offers a marai enjoyment, however, only if subjects are unaware of the danger or at least unable to oppose it. A marai is 6 feet tall and weighs 160 pounds. Its serpentine arms render fine manipulation or wielding weapons unfeasible, and so it typically assumes humanoid form when working on experiments that require manual dexterity. A marai unable to do so must rely upon cantrips like mage hand for such tasks—or perhaps the aid of a slave or charmed ally. Special Attacks detect thoughts, energy bolts Spells Known 2nd (5/day)—invisibility, scorching ray 1st (7/day)—charm person, jump, mage armour, magic missile 0 (at will)—bleed, detect magic, ghost sound, mage hand, open/close, read magic Confusion A creature bitten by a marai’s bite (from either its actual mouth or the snakes it has for hands) must succeed at a hard Will save or become confused for 1 turn. Energy Bolts Once every 1d4 turns as an action, a marai’s six snake arms can each spit a bolt of energy to a maximum range of 60 feet. Each bolt deals 1d8 points of damage and has an additional effect if the target fails to resist it with an opposed END save, as summarized below. Amethyst Viper: Cold damage plus sickened for 1d4 turns. Crimson Viper: Fire damage plus burn (1d4). Emerald Viper: Acid damage plus nauseated for 1 turn. Magenta Viper: Electricity damage plus staggered for 1 turn. Turquoise Viper: Sonic damage plus stunned for 1 turn. Violet Viper: Force damage plus knocked prone.


STR 2d6+7
CON 2d6+12
SIZ 2d5+8
DEX 2d6+14
INT 2d6+6
POW 2d6+6
CHA 1d6+15

Hit locations

Range startRange endNameArmorHP Modifier
1 3 Right Leg 5 0
4 6 Left Leg 5 0
7 9 Abdomen 5 0
10 10 Low L arm (Violet) 5 -1
11 11 Low R arm (Turquoise) 5 -1
12 12 Mid R Arm (Magenta) 5 -1
13 13 Mid L Arm (Emerald) 5 -1
14 16 Chest 5 1
17 17 Up L arm (Crimson) 5 -1
18 18 Up R arm (Amethyst) 5 -1
19 20 Head 5 0


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