NameYelping Beast
NotesThe Yelping Beast has the head of a serpent, the neck of a giraffe, and the body of an immense leopard. Its hooves are those of a stag although it has the legs and tail of a lion. When it is hun- gry it lets forth the cry of a hundred yelping hounds, which causes its neck to pulse and glow. The neck shimmers with every colour under the sun, blending light vibrantly in a dazzling display. These colours actually hide the creature from sight, all that people see is a show of multi-coloured lights. Some people instead see visions of dancing maidens and feasting lords, or else glimpses of the future. These pulsating colours entrance birds, beasts, and humans alike trapping them to do nothing but stand and gaze entranced. A favoured tactic of the beast is to run away once its prey is entranced; the victim is forced to follow until it is exhausted, which is when it pounces. The Yelping Beast grasps prey with its mouth and then throttles it; and as it begins to feed the noise and the colours fade. This presents a second peril—those dangerous creatures who have gathered around it are now freed, and immediately revert to type. The Yelping Beast’s Gaze attack affects all who look at it, with- out needing the beast to spend an Action Point to activate it. If the creature is doing nothing threatening, then the viewer must make an opposed Willpower roll to avoid being entranced, but the Yelping Beast is assumed to have rolled a result equal to its Willpower Skill (i.e. the highest non-critical roll it can make). If the beast acts in a threatening manner then it is a standard opposed Willpower roll. It prefers to attack with Surprise with a Leap Attack, using either Deceit or Stealth (as appropriate) to avoid appearing to take an aggressive action. Its cry redoubles in volume as it manoeuvres to attack; alerting others who are not entranced of its intentions. Characters trying to avoid looking at the beast in combat can fight blindfolded (a Herculean penalty) or else avert their gaze. The latter requires a Hard Willpower roll every round, which, if failed, causes the character to be immediately entranced. Using a reflective sur- face to fight the Beste Glatissant is ineffective since the entrancing patterns are still seen in the mirror. Source: Perceforest


STR 24
CON 15
SIZ 32
DEX 19
INT 15

Hit locations

Range startRange endNameArmorHP Modifier
1 2 Right Hind Leg 5 0
3 4 Left Hind Leg 5 0
5 7 Hindquarters 5 1
8 10 Forequarters 5 2
11 13 Right Front Leg 5 0
14 16 Left Front Leg 5 0
17 20 Head 5 0


Yelping Beasthkokko
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