NameRolling Horror
NotesRip- pling fleshy tubes coated in ichor, mud, and blood, Rolling Horrors adorn and protect themselves with extruded and animate corpses, and move in surges. The flailing bodies and limbs of dying/dead victims serve as armour, weaponry, and the source of the crea- tures’ power to Terrify (Luther Arkwright, page 50). No one is ever surprised by the attack of a Rolling Horror, as they can be heard coming from quite a distance. They leave nothing but flattened soil and shattered remains of whatever objects stand in their way. The dead they take with them. As they move, their outer coat of corpses whips about forcefully. These extrusions are typi- cally attached at the shoulders and hips (but sometimes by other parts) so that the limbs and head flail about horribly. Its attack is to roll over its opposition, projecting twisting and twining tendrils to entangle and pull victims into a maw it forms to Engulf them.


STR 3d6+30
CON 2d6+20
SIZ 3d6+30
DEX 3d6+6
INT 2d6+6
POW 2d6

Hit locations

Range startRange endNameArmorHP Modifier
1 3 Tendrils 0 0
4 6 Fleshy Mass 6 1
7 9 Vital Organs 6 2
10 12 Tendrils 0 0
13 15 Sensory Organs 2 0
16 18 Fleshy Mass 6 1
19 20 'Brain' 6 1


Rolling Horrorhkokko