NameDeath Weed
NotesThis is a large plant, having a central bulb up to several metres in diameter and long tendrils of up to a dozen metres. Around the central bulb are many small filaments and the bulb can open to a large central maw. During Sea Season and Fire Season the bulb is covered in tiny multi-colored flowers and gives off an alluring scent. During Earth Season a fruit appears that attracts birds to it. The tendrils are stingers that paralyze the unwary and draw the corpse to rot and feed the earth. The filaments are poisonous and cause a fast and searing death to all who touch them. The bulb contains a maw that can trap and consume small animals. The flowers cause instant death when eaten. The sap is corrosive venom that burns flesh. The Weed can move slowly on its woody roots and has even been known to climb. When eaten, the Weed's leaves and stems are poisonous and cause the corpse to decay and emit a stench that attracts other Dorastoran Death Weeds. Only the fruit is not poisonous and in fact it cures all poisons when eaten, each fruit has 4 doses.


STR 1d6+3
CON 2d6+6
SIZ 4d6+12
DEX 2d6+12
INT 2d6+1
POW 1d6

Hit locations

Range startRange endNameArmorHP Modifier
1 3 Bulb and Maw 2 2
4 6 Tendril 1 1 1
7 9 Tendril 2 1 1
10 12 Tendril 3 1 1
13 15 Tendril 4 1 1
16 16 Filament 1 1 -1
16 16 Filament 2 1 -1
17 17 Filament 3 0 -1
18 18 Filament 4 0 -1
19 19 Filament 5 0 -1
20 20 Filament 6 0 -1


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