NameLeng Spider
Movement10 m
NotesA Leng spider's purple body is 18 feet long and weighs 6,000 pounds. Leng spiders always have an odd number of legs, most often seven. They move with surprising grace for such a bloated creature. Leng spiders are intelligent, carnivorous spiders. An adult has a legspan of 20–30 feet or occasionally more, but smaller (younger) specimens are common. An adult weighs 1-3 tons. Since they never stop growing, a few are far larger. Leng spiders are sly and design traps for their prey. These can be elaborate and often involve treasure as bait. They are clever enough to let some adventurers live after finding the treasure, to entice further visitors to their mountain lairs. They delight in preying on humanoid egos and spring traps when a would-be treasure-seeker is most confident. Leng spiders thrive on being underestimated. Leng spiders have a complex society and are readily able to wage war on those who infringe on their territory. Unless in their homes, they rarely fight to the death and will retreat if severely wounded. Immune cold, confusion and insanity effects, poison, sonic; spell resistance 50%. Constant— arcane sight freedom of movement tongues At will dispel magic fabricate (webs only) 3/day air walk invisibility major image 1/day charm monster insanity mirage arcana veil Poison A Leng spider’s venom causes flesh to blister and rot away and the mind to experience vivid and horrific hallucinations—these visions cause the poisoned creature to react in an unpredictable manner, as if confused. Application: Injected Onset time: 1D3 turns for Agony, 1D12 Combat Rounds for paralysis Duration: 6D10 minutes for agony, 3d10 minutes for paralysis. Resistance Time: The victim must make an endurance roll at the Onset Time. Failure indicates that Condition has taken effect. Potency: CON x5 + CON per additional sting. Conditions: Agony. The venom initially causes the victim pain if the first endurance roll is failed. Even if the Roll is succeeded, further Stings increase the potency, track the ‘duration’ of the venom until it wears off. Paralysis. Victim is unable physically to move. it affects the whole body, so the character cannot move at all. Antidote/Cure: Anti-venom. Some cultures have perfected anti-venom remedies which have a Potency of 1D20+10. The anti-venom must be introduced with a successful First Aid or Healing roll and add their Potency as a bonus to the victim’s Resilience roll to fight the venom throughout its duration. Web Weaponry A Leng spider is talented at using its webs to construct masterwork weapons. This technique of weapon creation allows the spider to effectively create a flail or bolas by attaching a heavy object such as a rock or chunk of metal to a cord of webbing. The spider attaches one end of this webbing to a leg and can then wield the weighted cord as a masterwork flail or a masterwork bolas. It can only wield one such weapon at a time—it must use its other legs to walk. If a Leng spider drops or loses a web weapon, it can create a new one as a full-round action, provided it has access to heavy-weight objects of the correct size (such as loose rocks or skulls).


STR 26
CON 26
SIZ 54
DEX 29
INT 21
POW 17
CHA 22

Hit locations

Range startRange endNameArmorHP Modifier
1 2 Right Rear leg 12 -1
3 4 Mid Right Leg 12 -1
5 6 Mid Left Leg 12 -1
7 8 Fore Right Leg 12 -1
9 10 Fore Left Leg 12 -1
11 14 Abdomen 12 2
15 16 Front Right Leg 12 -1
17 18 Front Left Leg 12 -1
19 20 Cephalothorax 12 1


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