NameSnagarl (Sea Wolf)
Movement2 (8 swimming)
NotesSnagarl are vicious carnivores with the forequarters of wolves and the hindquarters of sharks. Unlike land wolves, they are solitary hunters, although they sometimes hunt in packs of up to four individuals. They display considerable cunning, avoiding clearly superior foes unless desperately hungry. They eat a variety of fish, and swim in most Gloranthan oceans, although they are more common in the east. Snagarl must breathe air at least once per hour. Snagarl are often tamed by malasps, some groups of which have even have created special breeds. Such breeds specialize in a particular attribute, such as greater strength. The malasps generally use snagarl as hunting or war beasts; where malasps are common, snagarl are far more likely to be encountered with them than on their own. The snagarl were born in the Darkness when a pack of wolves fought a school of sharks in an atmosphere that was equally wet and dry. The losers agreed to bear the children of the winners, and these animals were the result.Tactics: Snagarl pounce on their targets from ambush, augmenting their Bite attack with their Ambush ability. They sometimes leap from the water to grab a seal sunning itself on a rock, grabbing the animal in their jaws and dragging them underwater. Note that they cannot use their Scent Prey ability underwater. Snagarl attack with a bite to the fins, tail, or other exposed parts of an animal, attempting to cripple it so that they can close for the kill. Although they will use their claws in defense, they rarely attack prey or foes with them. - Glorantha.com


STR 3+10
CON 2d6+6
SIZ 3d6+8

Hit locations

Range startRange endNameArmorHP Modifier
1 4 Tail 4 0
5 8 Hindquarters 4 1
9 14 Forequarters 2 2
15 15 Right Frontleg 2 -1
16 16 Left Frontleg 2 -1
17 20 Head 2 0


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