NameVangono's Horror
NotesIntimidate, Night Sight http://www.ttrotsky.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/annex/annex1.htm This terrifying animal was created at the request of Vangono to curse a tribe who had dishonoured him. The tribe was destroyed utterly, but just as Vangono still causes trouble in time of peace, the Horrors he had created wandered across the wilderness, and still menace other creatures today. The Horror bears some resemblance to a hyena, but is far larger, standing eight feet high at the shoulder. Its head is elongated, over three feet long, with a huge mouth and sharp, tearing teeth. Horrors are mostly scavengers, for they lack the speed to catch most prey. They will also steal the carcases of animals caught by faster predators, such as lions or hyaenodon. Local humans wisely leave it alone as it stalks the wilds in search of carrion. Combat Tactics: Even though they are mostly scavengers, Horrors will attack almost any animal that appears unable to escape, or which it knows to be a slow runner (as many big Pamaltelan herbivores are). In these cases, they will corner their prey and bite with their huge jaws, which can easily tear the limbs from most creatures. When threatened, a Horror will attack to kill rather attempt to flee.


STR 7d6+42
CON 3d6
SIZ 6d6+32
DEX 3d6
INT 3d6
POW 3d6

Hit locations

Range startRange endNameArmorHP Modifier
1 2 Right Hind Leg 4 0
3 4 Left Hind Leg 4 0
5 7 Hindquarters 4 1
8 10 Forequarters 4 2
11 13 Right Front Leg 4 0
14 16 Left Front Leg 4 0
17 20 Head 4 0


Vangono's Horrorhkokko