NameBlattenite (Timinit)
NotesAnaxial's Annex. These bulky timinits have dark brown to black chitin and rounded heads with large eyes and long antennae. They are over seven feet in height and significantly heavier than a human. They are among the most feared of timinit species, for they often attack human settlements and do so without any remorse or signs of conscience. Blattenites are nocturnal creatures, able to see as well at night as during the day. They are scavengers, and subsist primarily on carrion, but are not averse to killing animals and then leaving them to rot for a few days until they are edible. If necessary they can subsist on plants or on fresh meat, but they find that these lack the ideal favour of a partially decomposed corpse. They readily consume their own dead. As a result of their unsavoury habits, about a third of blattenites carry some form of disease, to which they themselves are completely immune. Anyone wounded by a disease-carrying blattenite may be exposed to that disease. They are gregarious creatures, although they do not build their own dwellings. They live in nomadic clans, and occasionally settle for a few weeks in the remains of a raided settlement before moving on elsewhere. However, they have relatively little in the way of social organisation, and have no visible leaders and no particular regard for their shamans. After being laid, the eggs are attached to the females' abdomens, and carried about until they hatch. The young are smaller versions of the adults, and are cared for communally, although they are expected to find their own food from a very early age. Blattenites live for up to twenty years; unusually long for timinits.


STR 4d6+3
CON 4d6+15
SIZ 4d6+7
DEX 3d6
INT 3d6
POW 3d6
CHA 3d6

Hit locations

Range startRange endNameArmorHP Modifier
1 2 Right Leg 2 0
3 4 Left Leg 2 0
5 7 Abdomen 2 2
8 9 Thorax 2 2
10 11 Right Lower Arm 2 -1
12 13 Left Lower Arm 2 -1
14 15 Right Upper Arm 2 -1
16 17 Left Upper Arm 2 -1
18 20 Head 8 0


Blattenite (Timinit) Soldierhkokko
Blattenite (Timinit) Soldier, Gorakiki Acolytehkokko
Blattenite (Timinit) Soldier, Gorakiki Initiatehkokko
Blattenite (Timinit) Template 10385Peckil
Copy of Blattenite (Timinit) Soldier, Gorakiki AcoVittoriano
Copy of Copy of Blattenite (Timinit) Soldier, GoraVittoriano
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