Name Servants of Jaguar Goddess
Monster island
Owner hkokko
Notes Lady of jaguars, prowler of the night
Once the proud goddess who guarded the Emperor himself, the Lady of Jaguars has grown bitter and twisted during her long abandonment. Now that she has new cult- ists devoted to her worship, her dark presence has begun to prowl the ruins of Kapala once more; revelling in the fresh manna which passes her altar and seeking victims to assuage her hunger. Only human sacrifices can satisfy her tastes, but in return she offers far more potent powers than those of the petty gods brought from overseas. MI pg 162


Fast Initiate of Jaguar Goddess 1d2-1
Priest of Jaguar Goddess 1d3-2
Servant of Jaguar Goddess 2d4
Initiate of Jaguar Goddess, Jaguar form 1
Initiate of Jaguar Goddess 1d3-1
Acolyte of Jaguar Goddess 1d3-2