Name TOEE Moathouse Zombies
Owner raleel
Notes Two zombies are hiding behind the northernmost pillar, at the end of the hall. They move to attack any intruders approaching the entrance to area 22. One round after they are seen, another pair of zombies appears from the southernmost cubicle (nearest the stairs), attacking the party from the rear. Each of the remaining cubicles also contains two zombies, and one pair enters the engagement each round (12 zombies in all).

Try to corner the party in area 22. The zombies attack until slain or turned, of course. They have no treasure, but a peridot (500 gp gem) was long ago hidden behind a loose stone in the northernmost cell (the last
to disgorge zombies). If this cell is searched, the loose piece in the wall will probably be found (50% chance per searcher per round).


Zombie 12