Name TOEE Moathouse Gnolls
Classic fantasy
Owner raleel
Notes They attack intruders, fighting fiercely and to the death if necessary. However, they are 75% likely to stop and listen if an offer to parley is made, for they are not satisfied with their lot. They have lost six members while raiding to the east and south of the ruins, are dissatisfied with their loot, and are irate about the greater status accorded the newly recruited bugbears (area 27).

The gnolls speak bugbear, ogre, and their own tongue, but no Common. If offered six or more gp each (triple awards for the leader), they desert their current station. If double this fee is offered and paid, they lead the characters to the north passage toward the Master's room, and even tell of human guards. The gnolls then proceed west to the exit and never return.

Each gnoll has 3-18 sp and a like number of coppers as well. The leader has 11 gp and a pretty lump of blue quartz worth 10 gp.


Gnoll 9