Name Xebec
Owner hkokko
Notes "“We are slaves of Ompalam and his slave the Great Tond, whose power has enslaved even Dormal.” Restrict the worship of Dormal and collect tribute. Crew often wear little armor. Names have XXX-owned where xxx is the owner's name. Traits: hate Afadjanni, Servile, Obedient. "This type of three-masted merchant vessel has a square-rigged first mast and two lateen sails following. It has a distinctive hull, with a pronounced overhanging bow and stern and a con- cave deck. The xebec is built with a narrow floor to achieve a higher speed than most merchant ships, but with a considerable beam in order to enable it to carry an extensive sail plan" Crew 10-15

Men of the Sea pg 32


Fonritian Slave Soldier - Runelord of Evukindu 1d2-1
Fonritian Slave Soldier - Acolyte of Evukindu 1d2-1
Sailor, Ship's Officer 1
Fonritian Slave Soldier - Initiate of Evukindu 1
Sailor Slave, Kareeshtu 2+d4
Kareeshtu (Fonritian) Masarin (Noble) 1d3-2
Fonritian Slave Soldier 2+d4

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