Name Kareeshtu Warsail
Owner hkokko
Notes "“We are slaves of Ompalam and his slave the Great Tond, whose power has enslaved even Dormal.” Restrict the worship of Dormal and collect tribute. Crew often wear little armor. Traits: hate Afadjanni, Servile, Obedient.

Warsails are high-prowed ships with deep keels and special rig- ging that allows them up to fifty percent more speed than the usual sailing ship. They are faster than any other sailing vessel when traveling upwind. They sacrifice size and robustness for speed; for that reason, the Kareeshtu fleet is large, using num- bers to make up for the relatively small size of the individual vessels. Their favorite tactic is to mass around enemy vessels and board, using a variety of imaginative means including lad- ders, grapples, and magical leaps.
Crew: 10 to 15 sailors, 12 to 20 marines, 6 arbalest operators.
Men of the Sea pg 32


Fonritian Slave Soldier - Runelord of Evukindu 1d2-1
Fonritian Slave Soldier - Acolyte of Evukindu 1d2-1
Sailor, Ship's Officer 1
Fonritian Slave Soldier - Initiate of Evukindu 1
Kareeshtu (Fonritian) Masarin (Noble) 1
Fonritian Slave Soldier 18+d8
Sailor Slave, Kareeshtu 9+d6

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