Name Temple of Hanuman, Upper Level, Shrine
Spider god's bride
Owner raleel
Notes Any adepts encountered are busy meditating (their meditations mean that they make opposed Perception tests at -10%)

Perception is 45, willpower is 44. They can use their passion for Hanuman (50) in place to avoid bribery.

A surprise attack will bring each of them down.

There is a secret door (this needs a Hard Perception test to spot) in the wall behind the bestial idol.

A number of continually burning bronze censers fill the shrine with the sickly sweet smell of incense of hallucination. The priests and adepts of the temple are immune to its effects due to long- term exposure, but any others (including the temple guards) must either hold their breath here or become suddenly confused and erratic (a Standard Willpower test helps stave off this effect).


Adepts of the East, Cultists of Hanuman 1d3+2