Name Temple of Hanuman, Lower Level, Inner Sanctum
Spider god's bride
Owner raleel
Notes The spots marked (T) are trapped with metal claws that immobilizes the victim (treat as if entangled) if the trap ‘hits’ (a Formidable Perception test locates the trap; a Formidable Mechanisms test disarms it; causes 1d6 damage to random Leg Location upon failure).

A set of double bronze doors open up into the inner sanctum. The ceiling height is 10 meters. A raised platform, 3 meters high, runs along the south wall. In the centre of the room is a large, 5 meters tall, green jade statue of Hanuman. Around the statue is a raised dais, 2 meters tall.

Statue weighs at least 50 tons, probably closer to 75.


Ranuga, the Master Strangler 1
Adepts of the East, Cultists of Hanuman 1d4+4