Name Exiger War Party with Gray Giants
Mari mountains
Owner hkokko
Notes Exigers are a group of fierce mountain clans in Mari Mountains ruling over their menial slaves and trading with Fonritans and Dorado. They worship several death deities most prevalent of them being lunar. GtG pg 588. Okamoto campaign log pg 49-. Only the elite ones - the real exigers use horses but rarely in combat. Some of the tribes use mountain trolls in battle.


Exiger, Humakt Sword 1
Exiger / Doraddi Sorcerer 1d6-5
Gray Giant, Large 1d3-1
Exiger, Humakt Initiate, Strong One 1d3-2
Exiger, Humakt Initiate 1d2+1
Exiger Men At Arms 1d6+3
Riding Horse 4+1d2

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