Name Loud Lilina's Bar at a Rough Night
Owner hkokko
Notes A rough bar - not for everybody - not at least for Lunars
The victim suffers a state of intoxication, and will therefore experince an increasing lack in mental and physical finesse. Each time the victim fails an endurance role versus the drink's potency, he or she gains a level of fatigue. These levels of fatigue persist for 1 hour. If the victim gains five levels of fatigue in this way he or she will have to make a secondary endurance role or suffer nausea for 1d6 + Number of drinks hours the following day.

For random drunkness use
add 1d6 * hours place has been open for drinks. Reduce by any endurance over 100.

1-25 Not Drunk
26-45 Feeling it - All skills get hard penalty.
46-60 Buzzed - All skills at Hard Penalty. Movement rate -1
61-70 Sloppy - All skills at Formidable Penalty. MR -2. Strike Rank -2
71-80 Reckless - All skills at Formidable Penalty. MR halved. SR-4. Action points -1
81-85 Hammered - All skills at Herculean Penalty. MR halved. SR-6. AP-2
86-90 Passing Out - All skills at Herculean Penalty. Immobile. SR-8. AP-3
91-95 Blackout - All skills at Hopeless Penalty. No activities
96-00 Wagonwreck - No Activities possible. Horrible things may have happened. Total memory loss of the loss of self control


Heavy Axe Mercenary Infantry in a city patrol 1d4
Lunar Agent 1d2-1
Gambler 1d3
Sartar Fyrd Warrior 1d4
Sable Nomad Raider 1d4
Humakt Rune Lord 1d2-1
Female Singer 1d2-1
Ogre Traveler - Skilled Companion 1d2-1
Bison Nomad Raider, Orlanth Initiate 1d4
Drunk in a Bar 1d4
Human Caravan Guard 1d4-1
Storm Bull Initiate 1d3-1
Thief 1d3
Dancer 1
Barkeep 1
Backstreet Thug 1d4
Bar Waitress 1d2

Additional features

Activity at Bar 100% View items
Activity at Bar 50% View items
Activity at Bar 50% View items
Activity at Bar 50% View items
Drinks 100% View items
Drinks 80% View items
Drinks 50% View items
Rumors or Old Tales in Pavis 80% View items