Name Trollball Staff
Owner hkokko
Notes Weapons Blunt Weapons only. Any type of armor is acceptable. No magic of any sort - special warding glows any magic used - player thrown out in disgrace. No missile except the ball may be used.
Roles Giants are the referees they kick out anyone who breaks the rules.
Xiola Umbar priestess is in mind link with troll kin. When troll kin dies etc priestess faints - game break and when priestess revived - continues with another troll kin if first one not available.
Goalie cannot leave the red zone.
4 others can be in field at the same time. You have to be able to get outside the field to be replaced. Replacement may not enter the field until the troll he replaces has been moved off field.
Spectators may throw anything they want at the enemy non goalie players in any red zone but players may not harm the spectators in any way.

30x51 m field.

Object of the game is to move the live portion of a trolljin across the goal line. The one with most points wins. If tie - champion is chosen from the team and who throws the troll kin farthest wins.

Illegal to deliberately maim the troll kin while holding it. It is legitimate to parry with the troll kin or to release it and then maim it etc.

A team may not enter the opposing red zone unless the troll kin in in their possession. Players may enter their own red zone at any time.

Crowd Missile Attacks When a team enters the opponent's red zone the defender's side crowd throws (1d10) rocks and old jugs against them with 1d6 1 = 1d4 damage, 2 = 2d4 damage.
Struggling Trollkin At the end of each round trollkin struggles Brawn or Athletics vs Brawn of carrying troll. Easy difficulty if carried in one hand, normal otherwise.

Loose Trollkin Free troll kin runs in random direction zigzag for 2d6 meters and then changes direction.

Breaking the rules Giant will kick the breaker once (at least) (may chase to be able to kick).

Blocking Use single Brawn skill. Winner makes the opponent fall.
Difference in damage modifiers gives a difficulty grade per difference level. Evade and Acrobatics can be used as well.

Running Every full 25% in Athletics increases base movement rate by 1. Critical by +2. Failure - increase level of fatigue. Fumble - cease running. Endurance roll or 1 point in damage, fail 1d4. Running (3x movement rate, subtract armor penalty from the result). Sprinting (5x movement rate, subtract armor penalty from the result).

Throw Athletics to throw a troll kin. Distance STR - troll kin size. Failed roll 1d6 meters of the target zone 1d8 direction.

Catch Athletics to catch one directly thrown at you. Formidable difficulty if lands nearby. If troll kin is a bit farther away one may want to use Athletics to jump to dive to the spot and then use Throw at Formidable difficulty to catch.

Evade Use acrobatics or evade. If evade you go to ground.

Grab trollkin Use Unarmed and special effect Grip.

Jump Use Athletics. Twice the height horizontally or half the height vertically if from running. Otherwise half that. Any jump over half a characters max distance has him fall. Distance is reduced by half the armor penalty. For every full 20% in Athletics add 1 extra meter to a horizontal jump and 20 cm to vertical. Critical success add one further metre to horizontal and remain standing. Fumble - endurance roll or lose 1 point on the leg. Fail the endurance roll -1d4 on the leg.

Punt Use Athletics to drop kick troll kin. Distance is STR - Siz of troll kin. If succeeds lands 1d6 meters from the chosen target point in 1d8 direction. Troll kin takes damage as per the damage bonus of the kicker. If fails then troll kin is dropped and runs randomly.

Use Spectators' Passion to augment at key moments.

Rules are from "Into the Troll Realms* pg 44 and 48. See there for more details


Dark Troll, Xiola Umbar Priest 1
Giant, 10 meter 1
Food Trollkin (unarmed) 10