Name Monster Island Daily Event
Cloud forest
High plateau
Monster island
Owner hkokko
Notes Movement: Once per hex. 3km per day in dense jungle.
Travelling in the jungle: visibility limited to 5-10 meters. See MI pg 13.
Navigation skill at Formidable to avoid getting lost
There is considerable chance at heat stroke with armor. See MI pg 12



Additional features

Chance of Nothing Relevant Happening Today 35% View items
Encounter feature 25% View items
Enemy Encounter 50% View items
Enemy Encounter 20% View items
Jungle Temperature 100% View items
Jungle Terrain Feature 80% View items
Jungle Traps 20% View items
Monster Island Normal Event 50% View items
Monster Island Special Event 10% View items
Monster Island Weather: Rainy Season 100% View items
Plant Chaotic features 20% View items
Plants - Swamp 25% View items