Name Cultists of Mordiggoth
Monster island
Owner hkokko
Notes Cultists of Mordiggoth - Ruler of the dead, captain of worms. Envisioned as a sickly glowing vermis-like god, Mordiggoth is he who rules the dead; guarding their souls in exchange for eating their mortal flesh. Although his acts seem repugnant, he ensures that none disturb the final sleep of the dead, warding them against necromancy. MI pg 157


Cultist of Mordiggoth, Priest 1D4-3
Cultist of Mordiggoth, Acolyte 1d3-2
Cultist of Mordiggoth, Initiate 1d3-2
Cultist of Mordiggoth, Lay Member 1d6+2

Additional features

Fatigue State 50% View items
Foreshadowing the Encounter 50% View items
Situation/activity 50% View items