Name Cultists of Ilioth
Monster island
Owner hkokko
Notes Cultists of Ilioth - Matriarch of love, corrupter of passion, One of the darker goddesses devoted to the arts of love, Ilioth is the mistress of all passions physical and sensual. She is fervently venerated by those entranced by romance, sex and desire... yet she is a cruel and fickle goddess, also enjoying the despair and hatred which arise from the pursuit of more positive emotions.. MI pg 156


Cultist of Ilioth, Priestess 1d4-3
Cultist of Ilioth, Acolyte 1d3-2
Cultist of Ilioth, Initiate 1d3-1
Fonritian Slave Soldier 1d4+2
Cultist of Ilioth, Lay Member 1d4+2
Cultist of Ilioth, Lay Member, A Quick One 1d2-1

Additional features

Fatigue State 50% View items
Foreshadowing the Encounter 50% View items
Situation/activity 50% View items