Cultist of Dashatan, initiate

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Monster island
Rank Skilled
Race Human
Cult rank Dedicated
Notes Cultist of Dashatan, the grasping pincer, lord of the seas are sailors, sea folk and fishers who believe they will ultimately die at sea unless prayers are offered before a voyage, MI pg 155, Initiate is currently the highest rank in Dashatan.
STR 3d6
CON 3d6
SIZ 2d6+6
DEX 3d6
INT 2d6+6
POW 3d6
CHA 3d6
D20Hit locationArmor
01-03 Right leg 2
04-06 Left leg 2
07-09 Abdomen 2
10-12 Chest 2
13-15 Right arm 2
16-18 Left arm 2
19-20 Head 2
Movement 6
Natural armor No


Amount: 1
Dashatan Initiate 10

Non-random features

Combat Style Trait ***Water Combat*** The style allows its user to ignore the skill cap placed on combat rolls by the Swim skill. Mythras pg 89

Standard skills

Athletics STR+DEX+6d10 Boating STR+CON+4d10+20 Brawn STR+SIZ+4d10
Endurance CON+CON+6d10 Evade DEX+DEX+4d10 First Aid DEX+INT+4d10
Locale INT+INT+6d10 Perception INT+POW+6d10 Ride DEX+POW+6d10
Swim STR+CON+6d10 Unarmed STR+DEX+4d10 Willpower POW+POW+4d10

Magic skills

Devotion POW+CHA+4d10 Exhort INT+CHA+4d10 Folk Magic POW+CHA+6d10+30

Professional skills

Commerce INT+CHA+6d10 Healing INT+POW+4d10 Oratory POW+CHA+4d10
Seamanship INT+CON+6d10 Survival CON+POW+6d10

Custom skills

Lore(Primary Catch) INT+INT+6d10 Passion(Superstition) INT+POW+8d10 Passion(Opportunism) INT+POW+8d10
Passion(Fear Dashatan) INT+POW+8d10

Combat styles

Retribution of DashatanSTR+DEX+8d10

Weapon options

1-handed weapons

Amount: 2
Net (1)
Trishula (1)

2-handed weapons

Amount: 1d2-1
Eku (1)
Trishula (1)

Ranged weapons

Amount: 1d2-1
Javelin (1)


Amount: 1
Tamking shield (1)