Imperial Guild Market Inspector

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Namelist Byzantine males (View names)
Rank Skilled
Race Human
Cult rank Proven
Notes Built from Mythras pp28-31 and MC p54. Pick a trade - Notaries, Money-Lenders, Silversmiths and Goldsmiths, Raw Silk Merchants, Silk Spinners, Silk Weavers, Silk Merchants, Silk Importers, Linen Importers, Spicers and Perfumers, Wax Merchants, Soap Merchants, Grocers, Saddlers, Butchers, Pork Merchants, Fishmongers, Bakers, Innkeepers.
STR 3d6
CON 3d6
SIZ 2d6+6
DEX 3d6
INT 2d6+6
POW 3d6
CHA 3d6
D20Hit locationArmor
01-03 Right leg 0
04-06 Left leg 0
07-09 Abdomen 0
10-12 Chest 0
13-15 Right arm 0
16-18 Left arm 0
19-20 Head 0
Movement 6
Natural armor No


Amount: 1
Imperial Guild of Market Inspectors 60

Additional features

Primary Passion POW+POW% View items
Secondary Passion POW+POW% View items

Standard skills

Boating STR+CON+25 Conceal DEX+POW+25 Deceit INT+CHA+25
Influence CHA+CHA+25 Insight INT+POW+50 Locale INT+INT+25
Unarmed STR+DEX+25 Willpower POW+POW+25

Professional skills

Bureaucracy INT+INT+50 Commerce INT+CHA+50 Streetwise POW+CHA+25

Custom skills

Language (Greek) INT+CHA+65 Lore (Byzantine) INT+INT+65 Customs (Byzantine) INT+INT+65
Lore (Politics) INT+INT+25 Craft (as appropriate) DEX+INT+50

Combat styles


Weapon options

1-handed weapons

Amount: 1
Club (50)
Knife (50)
Mace (1)

2-handed weapons

Amount: 1
Quarterstaff (50)

Ranged weapons

Amount: 0


Amount: 0
Kite Shield (70)