Major Spectre (intensity 5)

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Namelist None
Rank Master
Race Spirit
Cult rank None
Notes Hitpoints = POW. Manifestation. Attack with Spectral combat with Spirit Damage as damage. Cold white lights inhabiting the region where eyes might shine reveal the presence of these nearly invisible spirits. Terror heralds their arrival and fades with the departure of the tattered cloaks they often wrap around their non-corporeal forms. All Spectres generate terror as a “Fear” spell (as the theism spell) within a 100' radius of their presence. Additionally, their insubstantial touch drains a full 5 CON points for those who fail a hard endurance roll. The major form prefers to bash foes with its non-corporeal fists, which inflict an additional 1d3 Cold damage in addition to any damage normally delivered. Major Spectres touch also has the effect of the spell frostbite. Also, these creatures have immaterial bodies such that magical weapons are needed to damage them, and even then they are hard to hit. Background: When a living being dies with a lust for power and evil thick in their souls, it may be that their ties to the earth will not be severed upon death. Rather, these souls will gather to them the essence of Unlife, forming the horribly powerful Undead known as Specters. Once made manifest, however, Specters seem woefully incapable of gaining any true power, as if they were played for some cruel joke. Instead, they must be satisfied with performing evil deeds, which they take to with a vengeance.
INT 1d4+14
POW 30+1d6
CHA 2d4+10
D20Hit locationArmor
Movement 8
Natural armor No

Non-random features

Ability ***Immunity to non magical weapons***

Standard skills

Spectral combat POW+CHA+70 Willpower POW+POW+50

Custom skills

touch POW+CHA+50 evade POW+INT+25