Destixin - Lunar Flamingo - Black Form

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Namelist None
Rank Master
Race Eagle, Giant
Cult rank Overseer
Notes Destixins are large birds, with long legs and necks and sickle-shaped beaks. They are sentient, and can work powerful magic. They share in the wisdom of Lunar sages, and can automatically sense whether or not a person is a member of any Lunar religion. The appearance and demeanor of destixins change over the course of the Lunar cycle. While the area of the Moon on which they live is red, destixins are bril- liant pink, their feathers almost luminous. They are peaceful, and eat small fish and water plants. Lunar magicians and heroes occasionally call them to the surface world, but they rarely stay long except in Glamour, where some nest." When Destix lies overhead, however, and the part of the Moon on which they reside is black and shadowed, they change. Their feathers turn coal black, and radiate a darkness that suppresses light. They become aggressive and hunt larg- er prey, which they tear apart with their talons and sharp beaks. They retain their intelligence, and a loyalty to Lunar priests, but use their powers only to cause suffering and bloodshed. Aura of Fear (like Pacify spell) Willpower vs Willpower in 30 meter radius. Tactics: Black destixins attack anyone who is not a Lunar worshipper, and will hunt any non-sentient creature not under the protection of one. They grasp any such being with their talons and rip at its soft parts with their beaks. They can project feelings of fear at their opponents, which augment their attacks. Once all of their foes are dead or have fled, they greedily consume their prey.
STR 2d6+10
CON 2d6+6
SIZ 2d6+10
DEX 2d6+14
INT 2d6+5
POW 2d6+6
D20Hit locationArmor
01-03 Right leg 5
04-06 Left leg 5
07-10 Abdomen 5
11-14 Chest 5
15-16 Right Wing 5
17-18 Left Wing 5
19-20 Head 5
Movement 2m (1m flying)
Natural armor Yes

Non-random features

Ability ***Flyer*** May substitute the Fly skill for Evade whilst fighting aloft. Only rolls Fly skill when attempting unusually difficult task
Ability ***Terrifying*** Unopposed Willpower roll. Success -- - shaken for one round and cannot act offensively. Failure - flee in terror. Fumble collapse unconscious from the shock. Critical success - act unhindered. Once per encounter.
Ability ***Savage*** If grip succeeds on bite it continues to tear the wound open. Spend an Action Point on its turn to automatically roll damage and also gone any negative damage modifier.

Standard skills

Athletics STR+DEX+2d10+50 Brawn STR+SIZ Endurance CON+CON+2d10+30
Evade DEX+DEX Perception INT+POW Swim STR+CON+4d10
Willpower POW+POW+2d10+50

Magic skills

Devotion POW+CHA+2d10+50 Exhort INT+CHA+2d10+50

Custom skills

Fly STR+DEX+2d10+50

Combat styles

Beaks and TalonsSTR+DEX+2d10+50

Weapon options

1-handed weapons

Amount: 2
Beak (1)
Talon (1)

2-handed weapons

Amount: 0

Ranged weapons

Amount: 0


Amount: 0

Custom weapons

Name Type Damage Size Reach Range SpecialFX Dam.
Beak 1h-melee 1d6+4 L M - Bleed Y Y 0 0 Beak
Talon 1h-melee 1d6+4 M M - Grip Y Y 0 0 Talon

Theism spells

Amount: 4
SpellProb.   SpellProb.   SpellProb.   SpellProb.   
Dismiss Magic 1 Fear 1 Shield 1 Suppress Light (50m radius, reduces visibility by 1 step per point) 1