Fly, Giant Carnivorous (Barrowmaze)

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Namelist None
Classic fantasy
Rank Skilled
Race Giant Wasp
Cult rank None
Notes The dreaded giant carnivorous fly is 3' long. They have markings that make them appear similar to giant killer bees. The giant carnivorous fly preys upon these bees, and is immune to their poisonous sting. However, they also prey upon animals and humanoids. These giant flies skulk in shadows, waiting for victims, attempting to gain surprise. These carnivorous flies sometimes jump to a distance of 30' to attack. They attack by biting victims with their formidable mandibles.
STR 2d6+6
CON 3d6
SIZ 2d6+6
DEX 3d6+12
POW 2d6
D20Hit locationArmor
01-02 Right leg 3
03-04 Left leg 3
05-07 Abdomen 3
08 Middle Right eg 3
09 Middle Left Leg 3
10-12 Chest 3
13-14 Left Wing 3
15-16 Right Wing 3
17 Front Right Leg 3
18 Front Left Leg 3
19-20 Head 3
Movement 6m/20' (10m/30' flying)
Natural armor Yes

Non-random features

Ability ***Adhering*** Can move on vertical surfaces and even on a ceiling at half normal Movement rate.
Ability ***Flyer*** May substitute the Fly skill for Evade whilst fighting aloft. Only rolls Fly skill when attempting unusually difficult task
Ability ***Leaper*** The creature uses Leaping attacks as described on page 152 of the Combat chapter, but can combine the leap with a physical attack such as a claw or bite. If the leaping creature wins the opposed leap attack roll, it automatically inflicts damage for one of its natural weapons on the target. This damage cannot be parried except by Passive Blocking.

Standard skills

Athletics STR+DEX+2d10+10 Brawn STR+SIZ+2d10+10 Endurance CON+CON+2d10+20
Evade DEX+DEX Perception INT+POW+2d10+30 Stealth DEX+INT+1d10+20
Unarmed STR+DEX Willpower POW+POW+1d10+10

Professional skills

Acrobatics STR+DEX+2d10+30

Custom skills

Flying STR+DEX+65+2D10

Combat styles

Vicious BiteSTR+DEX+4d10+10

Weapon options

1-handed weapons

Amount: 1
Mandibles (1)

2-handed weapons

Amount: 0

Ranged weapons

Amount: 0


Amount: 0

Custom weapons

Name Type Damage Size Reach Range SpecialFX Dam.
Mandibles 1h-melee 1d4 M M - Y Y 3 5 Head