Ikhtanabu Xul (RQ6 Haunt)

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Namelist None
Rank Veteran
Race Haunt
Cult rank None
Notes Abilities: A haunt gains a number of abilities equal to its Intensity, selected from the following list ? Telekinesis: The spirit has a STR equal to its Intensity which it can use to move items around. This costs 1 Magic Point and lasts for its POW in minutes. ? Miasma: The spirit can magically induce feelings of despair, dread and terror to anyone within its aura, which extends up to the haunt’s POW in metres. The Magnitude of the effect is equal to twice the spirit’s Intensity. Anyone unable to block the magic must succeed in an opposed test of Willpower skills, or else flee the locale in abject terror. Each wave of miasma costs the spirit 1 Magic Point. ? Wraith Form: The spirit is able to physically damage corporeal beings. For the cost of 1 Magic Point, the spirit can make a single attack with a skill equal to 50%+POW+CHA or using whatever Unarmed skill it possessed before death. The blows inflicts damage equal to its usual Spirit Damage that ignores all non-magical parries and physical armour; normally requiring opponents to Evade or flee its attacks. Magical defences work as per a Wraith (see page 412). 01-20 1d2 2 21-40 1d4 3 41-60 1d6 4 61-80 1d8 5 81-100 1d10 6 ? Glamour: The spirit can create illusions which are experienced by all within a range of the spirit’s POW in metres. This glamour is a mental illusion that works in a similar way to the sorcery spell Phantom (Sense) (see page 247). The haunt can affect one sense per level of its Intensity, with a Magnitude of twice that. Each glamour costs 1 Magic Point to create. The ability is often used to replay the events that caused the haunt to be created. ? Cast Magic: Becoming a haunt usually severs the spirit from any form of higher magic, but some may retain the ability to cast Folk Magic. The haunt either uses those spells known whilst alive, or gains 1d3+1 spells such as Befuddle, Curse, Disruption, and so on.
INT 1d6+12
POW 1d6+12
CHA 3d6
D20Hit locationArmor
Movement 6
Natural armor No

Standard skills

Perception INT+POW Sing CHA+POW+20 Willpower POW+POW+50

Magic skills

Folk Magic POW+CHA+50

Custom skills

Lore (Almost forgotten campaign secret) 60+INT Wraith Form POW+CHA+50

Folk spells

Amount: 3+1d3
SpellProb.   SpellProb.   SpellProb.   SpellProb.   
Alarm 1 Befuddle 1 Disruption 1 Cast Magic 6
Glamour 6 Miasma 6 Telekinesis 6 Wraith form 6