Howling Maw Roc

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Namelist None
Rank Skilled
Race Roc
Cult rank None
Notes Roc of the Howling Maw watch from the tips of the Razor Mountains for ships crossing the narrow sea passage, waiting for the best time to strike.
STR 18d6+30
CON 4d6+21
SIZ 18d6+30
DEX 3d6
INT 2d6+5
POW 1d6+12
D20Hit locationArmor
01-03 Right claw 6
04-06 Left claw 6
07-10 Abdomen 6
11-14 Chest 6
15-16 Right Wing 6
17-18 Left Wing 6
19-20 Head 6
Movement 9m
Natural armor No

Non-random features

Ability ***Diving Strike*** Increases both the Size of the attack and the creature’s Damage Modifier by one step, for this attack only. Once per round. Must be at least one full round of Movement above its target (or possibly below if submerged) in order to use the diving strike.
Ability ***Grappler*** Successful attack = Grapple + damage. Parried attack = Grip vs opponent limb or Pin Weapon on weapon. Uses brawn to resist victim breaking free. (Mythras Core 214-218)
Ability ***Flyer*** May substitute the Fly skill for Evade whilst fighting aloft. Only rolls Fly skill when attempting unusually difficult task
Ability ***Formidable Natural Weapons*** - Can actively parry or deflect attacks using its natural weapons. (Mythras Core 214-218)
Ability ***Intimidate*** May intimidate opponents as a prelude to combat or to avoid it altogether. Unopposed Willpower roll - a failure - spend the next round moving farther from creature. Fumble - flee at max speed. A critical ignore intimidation during that encounter. Continues for as long as the creature continues to act in a threatening manner

Standard skills

Athletics STR+DEX Brawn STR+SIZ Endurance CON+CON+3D10
Evade DEX+DEX+4D10 Perception INT+POW+3D10 Unarmed STR+DEX
Willpower POW+POW+3D10

Custom skills


Combat styles

Dead from AboveSTR+DEX

Weapon options

1-handed weapons

Amount: 4
Claw (1)
Peak (1)
Drop Rock (1)
Wing Buffet (1)

2-handed weapons

Amount: 0

Ranged weapons

Amount: 0


Amount: 0

Custom weapons

Name Type Damage Size Reach Range SpecialFX Dam.
Claw 1h-melee 1d8 E VL - None Y N 0 0
Peak 1h-melee 1d6 E VL - None Y N 0 0
Drop Rock 1h-melee 1d10 H VL 200m None Y N 0 0
Wing Buffet 1h-melee 2d10 E VL 50m None N N 0 0