Hill Giant (Rank 5)

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Namelist None
Classic fantasy imperative
Rank Veteran
Race Troll (Classic Fantasy)
Cult rank None
Notes Abilities: Trample: The creature is able to trample beings with a SIZ of half or less than its own, using its Athletic Skill to attack. See the trample attack for damage. How, and when trample is used depends on the circumstances. If immobile, the creature may trample a prone opponent on its turn, but this costs an Action Point. If the trample is performed while the creature is moving or charging over an opponent, then the trample is a Free Action. Armor: - Chest/Abdomen 3 (Furs and tough skin) - Head/Limbs 2 (Tough Skin) Based on Classic Fantasy Imperative Hill Giant pg 144
STR 25
CON 25
SIZ 32
DEX 11
INT 10
POW 11
D20Hit locationArmor
01-03 Right leg 2
04-06 Left leg 2
07-09 Abdomen 3
10-12 Chest 3
13-15 Right arm 2
16-18 Left arm 2
19-20 Head 2
Movement 20'
Natural armor Yes

Standard skills

Athletics STR+DEX+30 Brawn STR+SIZ+30 Endurance CON+CON+30
Evade DEX+DEX+20 Locale INT+INT+30 Perception INT+POW+30
Unarmed STR+DEX+30 Willpower POW+POW+20

Custom skills

Alignment: Evil INT+POW+31 Hates magic and spellcasters POW+CHA+39 Language (Giant) INT+CHA+30

Combat styles

Hill GiantSTR+DEX+40

Weapon options

1-handed weapons

Amount: 2
Giant-sized Club (1)
Trample (1)

2-handed weapons

Amount: 0

Ranged weapons

Amount: 1
SIZ 8 Boulder (1)


Amount: 0

Custom weapons

Name Type Damage Size Reach Range SpecialFX Dam.
Giant-sized Club 1h-melee 1d12 H M - Bash, Stun Location Y N 4 10 Arm
SIZ 8 Boulder ranged 2d6 E M 100' None Y N 0 0
Trample 1h-melee 2d12 H - - None N N 0 0