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Namelist None
Rank Skilled
Race Crocodile
Cult rank None
Notes Alligators infest tropical and sub-tropical seas, swamps and rivers where they feed on any form of live prey. Their camouflage is perfect for their environment, and by remaining perfectly still under the surface of murky water the creature can easily go unnoticed. They have little problem tackling prey much larger than themselves using ambush tactics to lunge out from cover, seize the prey, drag it into the water, then drown it. Despite their size andbulk, alligatorss are surprisingly fast and agile, albeit only maintaining this for short periods. They always choose Grip when a Special Effect has been generated, and hold on for as long as possible, using Brawn and Athletics to take the prey into the water where it is submerged and held there, with the creature spinning around and around to facilitate drowning. Spinning does not inflict any additional damage, but it makes attempts to break free from the grip one grade more difficult. Whilst submerged victims are subject to the Drowning rules. During Combat If enraged (such as if shot by Gaedren), Gobblegut bellows and snaps at anyone within 5 feet of the edge of the pool. The alligator has to succeed at a Swim check to surge out of the water high enough to bite at someone that close to the edge, and even then the cover provided grants his target a +1 step bonus to its Evade. If there’s more than one target, roll randomly to see who Gobblegut tries to bite—even Gaedren could be a target, as the old man’s treatment of Gobblegut has hardly been kind over the years. Anyone who the alligator successfully grabs is automatically pulled down into the water below, but the alligator doesn’t perform a death roll on a victim if any other potential targets remain in the area. Instead, the alligator drops the grabbed victim in preference for continuing to attack more targets on the ledges above. Morale If he’s ever reduced to 0 hit points or fewer, Gobblegut retreats into the water to hide. He can’t escape the pool below this area, and if cornered, fights to the death. Luck:2
STR 17
CON 18
SIZ 32
DEX 17
INT 14
POW 10
D20Hit locationArmor
01-03 Tail 5
04-05 Right Hind Leg 5
06-07 Left Hind Leg 5
08-10 Hindquarters 5
11-14 Forequarters 5
15-16 Right Front Leg 5
17-18 Left Front Leg 5
19-20 Head 5
Movement 6
Natural armor Yes

Non-random features

Ability ***Camouflaged*** Attempts to spot suffer a penalty to Perception of two difficulty grades.
Ability ***Cold-blooded*** One meal a week. Below 15C Strike Rank -6, - 1 AP per round. Below 5C catatonic.
Ability ***Swimmer*** Automatically succeeds in everyday moving and manoeuvring whilst swimming unless attempting an unusually difficult task. May substitute the Swim skill for Athletics and Evade rolls whilst in water (Mythras Core 214-218)

Standard skills

Athletics STR+DEX Brawn STR+SIZ+30 Endurance CON+CON+40
Evade DEX+DEX Perception INT+POW+30 Swim STR+CON+30
Willpower POW+POW+30

Combat styles

Lurking Death (Jaws, Tail Sweep)STR+DEX+30

Weapon options

1-handed weapons

Amount: 2
Jaws (1)
Tail (1)

2-handed weapons

Amount: 0

Ranged weapons

Amount: 0


Amount: 0

Custom weapons

Name Type Damage Size Reach Range SpecialFX Dam.
Jaws 1h-melee 1d10 H M - Bleed, Grip Y Y 5 14 Head
Tail 1h-melee 1d8 H L - Bash Y Y 5 13 Tail