Uurungun (Spider Spirit)

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Namelist None
Book of quests
Rank Skilled
Race Spirit
Cult rank None
Notes Uurungun is an allied fetch that once served the Chaos Mother. Its form is that of a huge, black and grey spider with the head of a rat. It can manifest physically and acts to defend Manuun if he is attacked. For this purpose it has 2 Action Points and 16 Hit Points. Its bite causes no physical damage - the victim feels an icy chill - but a bitten victim becomes possessed by Uurungun until such time that it wishes to release the victim. A possessed victim is forced to protect Manuun physically and lay down his life, if commanded. A possessed victim is effectively a Chaos Mother slave and gains Loyalty (Chaos Mother) 82% for the duration of the possession. Manuun can command that Uurungun maintain or release a possession as he feels fit.
POW 16
D20Hit locationArmor
Movement 6
Natural armor No

Non-random features

Spirit Ability Possession - Fetch gains the ability to Possess others – normally an animal of the cult’s totem or the shaman’s body whilst he is discorporate, protecting it from harm.
Spirit Ability Manifestation - Spirit may move between the mundane and Spirit World at will. It takes one Action to shift from one to the other. Whilst in the Spirit World the spirit is immune from all attacks (magical or physical) from corporal opponents.

Standard skills

Spectral combat 75 Willpower 82

Custom skills

Lore (Chaos Mother) 130